Safe at last…… as I was locked into a psych ward

Escorted by police and medical staff I didn’t notice the very secure door until it shut and was locked behind us.

My first thought was – I’m safe.

Not everybody’s first response to being locked in, I’m sure.
I didn’t even register the thought immediately – until I noticed the relief that followed.
Safe from everyone that knew me and from myself.

I hadn’t slept for months and months. Here in hospital staff came into the room all night long to check I was alright…. came with torches, open and closed doors….. and I slept through it all because I felt safe.

The big realisation – I had never really felt safe before.


8 thoughts on “Safe at last…… as I was locked into a psych ward

  1. I find journalling helps. When I journal it is easier to spot trends up or down. When I no longer want to journal I know I am almost running away from myself, unwilling to face up to what is going on in my life and that I need to do something to change that.

  2. Safe. The place you can breathe out. The place where your shoulders relax and settle into their normal position instead of being hunched up around your ears. The place where you can sleep.

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