He told me. I missed it.

After a few weeks on the psychiatric ward I had become close to a few other patients. One in particular.
We chatted, joked, shared our crap, in tiny stages. 5 or 10 minutes each day that’s all.
One day the ward gossip was about another patient that had not swallowed her pills, but stored them – old trick – don’t know how that got past the staff… Scandal, gossip… when the days are long and empty it passes the time.

My friend said – who knows how many other people on the ward have stuff hidden away that nobody knows about.
Yeah – I said – not really listening.

The next day my friend told me he’d handed in some ‘equipment’ that he’d been hiding.
I was so glad he surrendered it himself.
I was so shocked that I missed his hint. He told me. I missed it.

He was ok
and best case scenario is always for someone to get their own help.
What shocked me was

– He told me
– He wanted me to hear
– He couldn’t spell it out
– I missed it
– We do miss each other so many times a day

I will try to listen better. I will try to spell out what I want.


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